Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orphan Care Center ages 6-16

We had a nice visit with the children at the government run orphan care center for older children. This is the very first time that I visit, so I had no idea what to expect. We showed up to 58 girls and 60 boys. They have now added the 6 year olds to what was an already a huge age gap. I tell you, these little guys are survivors in a rough world! My eyes were opened quickly to the fact that this is where Seth would have been sent to once he turned 7! I can't even imagine and my heart breaks for his one little friend who has repeatedly run away from this place. It was so good to see him and give him a hug from Seth. The kids were all very sweet and soooo very appreciative of the few things we brought for them. Many thanks to Maggie Howell and family and Walmart for the 150 string backpacks!! The kids were just thrilled and it was the one item that we actually had enough of. Most received underwear and socks but they were in desperate need of warm clothes. As a team, we felt that we did not do nearly enough here and so we will be heading to the black market shortly to purchase some much needed warm clothes and winter necessities. Pray that we can find the items quickly and get them delivered as today is our last day and we will be working down to the wire! Many thanks to all the donors, you have certainly made a difference!! These kids know that someone cares......


  1. Is this a place we can mail stuff to? I can hit the road this week and find stuff for them or even for a few weeks and then mail it to them if that is allowed. I sit here and cry thinking of all of these kids. Can we/I start collecting for next year yet? The sooner we start the more we can do? Please have a safe trip home!!! I would love to go and meet some fo these kids.....

    1. I would love to chat with you about how we can partner and help these kids. I am in China now and head to Mongolia in a few days. I will be back home on the 19th. Lets plan to chat then. Do you have a contact number?